Speak Up!

My class was tasked with making a zine article about a social issue that we cared deeply about. I made my article about diversity in mainstream comic books. A large focus of the project was correctly formatting documents for book printing, so after creating our articles, everybody in the class received a copy of everyone else's work and curated that into an anthology. I decided my anthology's title would be "Speak Up" and designed the cover and table of contents as a separate, overarching design to cover the theme of the entire anthology.

The cover is double-printed black, so that you can only see the full text when holding the book at a certain angle in the light, just like you can't hear many people's voices because they don't make themselves heard enough when it comes to social justice. My actual article is designed to be reminiscent of older comic books, with sharp and strong colors and dynamic characters and compositions. I really enjoyed designing for a cause I truly believe in.